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This is an RP journal for a Transformers original character from a Shattered Glass style continuity.

Shattered Glass is a Mirror-verse, where everything you think you know about the Transformers is wrong. The Autobots are the bad guys, and man, are they bad. The Decepticons are the good guys, and entire galaxies should thank Megatron for his courage and his leadership.

So. That enough background on the verse for you, visitor?

On to the OC in question.

Name's Crystal, for his father's destroyed city, and he's still in his third armor, so technically he's still a sparkling. He's a Seeker, of course, just like his mech creator, Starscream. Starscream's the only creator he's ever known, though. The Autobot witch that tore a piece from his father's spark to create him didn't much care if the other femme survived, and even if she did -- he's not sure -- he wouldn't want anything to do with her.

His creator is Starscream, his teachers and guardians are the entire rest of the Decepticon force... and he does his best to live up to their courage and their example. Thundercracker taught him to play (well, in the air. Ravage was his first playmate), Skywarp taught him to fight in the air, and on the ground. Soundwave taught him the practical subjects, while his genius creator oversaw the rest of his academic training. And then there's his Lord (and adoptive creator), Megatron, who has been teaching him how to see straight to the heart of all kinds of matters since he was a very small sparkling.

[community profile] nowallareone stats and intro.
Character Name: Crystal
Generation: Shattered Glass
Affiliation: Decepticon
Alignment: neutral


Reflex: 5
Strength: 6
Stamina: 5
Speed(s):(m/a/j) 3/6/3


Weapons and special abilities: Energy blasters, stunning bombs (1 at a time), and the base of an energy-transfer system.
Personality: Crys is fairly easy to get along with, for being the Emberling of Cybertron's most brilliant remaining scientist and the foster-Emberling of the Decepticon Leader, Megatron. Somehow (likely Soundwave's steadying influence) he's calm under most stimuli, sharp-eyed as any Seeker at all times, lazy-voiced until pushed too far, when Starscream's sharp tongue comes out in force -- and somehow sticks to the endearing side of arrogant. He's fascinated by Earth, though he's only been there a few times. Since Megatron and Starscream managed to take Cybertron back from its Autobot despot Ironhide and his consort Chromia, they have mainly remained on the wandering planet, his creator doing everything within his power to determine a way to save their dying world while his Lord searches out the last of the Autobot mercenary forces, attempting to bring them back under a more just (and sane) rule.

Alt form: In alt-form, he's a smallish fighter jet. Next armor set he'll be bigger, but at the moment he's barely the size of a Piper Cub. His nose and accent patches are green, his body almost entirely white except for the bright red streaks on his wings, body, and fins.

Robot form: Crys is still in a sparkling's third-sized armor form. He currently stands roughly ten feet tall – twelve and a half if you count the tops of his wings instead of his head. Compared to his creator and his Lord, he's still tiny. He's mostly white, these days, with green accent patches and hands and vivid red striping, with a gold cockpit in the center of his chest just like his creator's. His optics are a bright, vivid blue, and the Decepticon symbol shines in crimson from either of his wings.
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